“When words fail…music speaks.” – Shakespeare

Happy Hour

Happy Hour was formed in 2012, and has consistently placed in the top 10 at international contests. Deb Green (bass) has sung in competing quartets as a lead, but now loves being a bass. Donna Clarkson (baritone) has honed her craft singing that part in competing quartets with Deb, as well as in the chorus. Kathleen Macdonald (lead) sang in the 2004 Harmony Queens quartet Synchronicity and in the 2009 Harmony Queens quartet Showcase. Liane Iannuzzo (tenor) sang in the 2004 Harmony Queens quartet Synchronicity. For additional information, please contact HappyHourQuartetNH@gmail.com.

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Intuition is a quartet of women with diverse musical backgrounds who came together to sing a cappella music in the barbershop style. We love to sing together and bring joy to audiences with our heartfelt and exciting songs

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Just Sayin’

This quartet was the brain child of tenor  Diane Fagerstrom, who had a dream of winning the Novice Quartet Award at the 2015 Area 2 AC&C. With a keen ear and vision for the future, Diane hand picked this motley crew from the New England Voices in Harmony masses. Diane is an accountant who hails from Gardner, MA and lends 40 years of experience to the quartet.  Lead Molly Thompson lives in New Boston, and is a speech pathologist who has been singing since childhood, and adds comic relief to the group. Retired lawyer Betsy Westgate carries the weight of the quartet on her small shoulders as bass and adores spending much of her time with her two young grandchildren. Baritone Joyce Desjardins adds class to the group as a recovering junior high school math teacher from Dracut, MA. Diane’s vision of Novice Award was achieved and the quartet is setting new goals for future contests and performances.  Just sayin’…

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Hailing from Kingston, Milton and Nashua, New Hampshire, as well as Stow, Maine, (respectively), Susan Prescott, Liz LeClair, Debbie Bartol and Wendi Bailey are four women who love to sing! Susan and Liz are members of the award winning a cappella chorus, Sound of the Seacoast, based in Portsmouth, NH, Debbie is a member of the award winning chorus New England Voices in Harmony based in Nashua, NH and Wendi is an Associate Member of Harmony, Inc. “Kismet” Quartet was formed over six years ago and has competed at our Area and International competitions for several years. We have had the privilege of winning a few awards and entertaining audiences when we perform. We continue creating harmony and lots of laughter every time we get together. 2017 recipient of the Audience Entertainment Award.

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Kismet Quartet

Second Chants

Our quartet and friendships started off with a single tag – sung at the ladies’ international chorus contest in Verona, New York. (David had never sung in a chorus before!) Now the four of us enjoy choosing songs that fit our personalities and that cause us to have nothing but fun in our singing.

David & Joyce and Kim & Gil are a testament to the fact that the best gift in life, and in love, is a second chance – or in this case a Second Chants.

We hope that the joy we have singing together brings a smile to your face as we perform. Thanks for letting us share with you!

Tenor:  Kim Dubray
Lead:  David Martinez
Baritone:  Joyce Desjardins
Bass:  Gil Dubray

Sweet & Sour

Sweet and Sour got together in 2015 to compete in the Northeastern District Mixed Quartet Contest and placed 2nd! This quartet consists of Christina (tenor), Samantha (lead), and Joshua (bass) Tramack along with Mert Danna (baritone) who recently got engaged to Samantha. This group brings a lot of energy and excitement to the stage and we hope you enjoy all the sweetness (and maybe some sour) that this quartet brings!

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Sweet & Sour Quartet


True Colors

True Colors is a women’s barbershop quartet with a lively blend of energetic grooves and heartfelt harmonies. Though steeped in the tradition of barbershop harmony, True Colors breathes new life into a variety of musical styles including blues, jazz, show tunes, pop songs, and standards from the Great American Songbook. Formed by four strong women who believe in always being genuine no matter what, True Colors offers artistry and authenticity at every turn. Founded in 2017, the quartet members are: Kate Steer, Jennifer Selby, Gayle Ellwood, and Angie Dolber.

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