When planning our show – Treasures from the heart: an a cappella celebration, to be held on March 2, 2019 – we had no idea we would be entertaining our audience as the Harmony, Inc. 2018 chorus champions. Whether or not we have matching gold medals, we know we all need each other; the music we make is an integration of many different personalities and talents that come together in a special way to make harmony. In selecting the theme for our performance, we wanted to celebrate the treasure of our love of music and the friendship we have for each other…and other similar treasures that may be invisible but are really the centerpieces of our lives.

We don’t always keep those treasures in the front of our minds. Sometimes we take them for granted; sometimes we forget how special they are; and sometimes our lives are so filled with hustle and bustle that we forget them altogether for a time. Perhaps we put them away in a dusty attic that is seldom visited.

During our show we plan to visit that place, and spotlight some of the many facets that sparkle in a lifetime. Of course, sparkle doesn’t shine unless there is darkness, and we know that our most difficult times can sometimes bring us the greatest gifts. So during the show you will hear songs of celebration, but also a tender ballad or two, and perhaps an anthem to some of the heart-wrenching sorrows that come our way from time to time. We hope these songs will help you contemplate and celebrate the various treasures in your own life.

We are grateful that we will be joined on stage by some of New England Voices in Harmony’s quartets (Happy Hour, Just Sayin’, Kismet, Second Chants, Sweet & Sour, Taken 4 Granite, and True Colors) and by the award-winning men’s chorus Vocal Revolution. Their talents and gifts, to be shared with us and with our audience, are much appreciated. We are also grateful for the support of all who will attend our show, bid in our silent auction, and enjoy some homemade goodies. We know that our own lives are a little richer because of the Harmony we share, far beyond the thrill of blue and gold, and we are excited to be sharing that gift with you.

Doors open at 1:00 p.m., and presale discounted tickets are available at www.newenglandvoicesinharmony.org, or by calling 603.686.SING (7464). Tickets will also be available at the door. Please join us on March 2 to celebrate with us!