After a New England winter and a year that didn’t feel like it had a proper spring, there’s nothing like an opportunity to gather together at a baseball game as the featured performers to sing the Star-Spangled Banner and God Bless America.  We are looking forward to that on July 12 at Holman Stadium in Nashua, and would love to see friends and family there.  Even if you don’t like baseball, it’s a fun night to be together.  A game at a small stadium takes the stress out of parking and is a low-cost evening out.

After performing well at our area convention and contest in April, where we sing for our peers as well as the judging panel, an evening like this can bring a special lift to our spirits. We love to sing patriotic songs, and we love to sing in front of an audience that may never have heard this style of singing.  We frequently hear, as we return from the field, that we are the best singers they have ever heard! And whether that is true…or if it is fueled by love (in the case of our affectionate families in the stands) or lack of musical exposure (the young players in the dugouts) or (hopefully not) $1 beer night, it’s still a great opportunity to remember what our hobby is all about.

Are we trying to constantly improve and sing our best? You betcha!  But the real reason we do this is so we can come together to share the gift of harmony with others. If even one person in those stands or in the dugout thinks, “That is so cool – I wonder if I could do that?” then the whole evening is more than worthwhile.  And just for those few shining moments, because of our song, every person in the stadium is focused on our love for our country, and remembering that whenever we work together in harmony great things are possible.