“The only thing better than singing is more singing.” ~ Ella Fitzgerald

Taken 4 Granite

The members of TAKEN 4 GRANITE know that sisters, mothers, friends, and God-given gifts can easily be underappreciated and overlooked. So, in the autumn of 2013, the quartet seized the opportunity to come together. Katrine Dickau (tenor and close family friend), Christina Tramack (baritone), Renée Tramack (bass and mother of Christina and Samantha), and Samantha Tramack (lead and Christina’s sister) vowed to not take each other, or the music they create, for granted. They are thrilled and honored to be the 2016 International Quartet Champion of Harmony, Inc.

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Taken 4 Granite Quartet

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T4G Quartet


Moonstruck, comprised of Kate Steer (tenor), Jen Selby (lead), Jeanne Crowell (bass), and Kari-Lynn Knight (baritone), is a lively and unforgettable blend of heart, soul, and FUN! In 2014, Moonstruck won the gold at Harmony Inc.’s international quartet contest, earning the title of Harmony Queens. The quartet pours soulfulness and infectious energy into beloved blues, jazz, and swing standards, as well as familiar show tunes, pop songs, poignant ballads, and holiday music. For additional information, please contact moonstruckquartet@gmail.com.

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Moonstruck Quartet


RINGTONES!, a young, vibrant barbershop quartet hailing from both sides of the border, formed on New Years’ Eve 2005. They came together with varying degrees of barbershop experience, from having never sung in a quartet before to having sung several times on the International Stage, and are the 2010 Harmony Queens. Members are Samantha Arten (tenor), Jennifer Wheaton Forest (lead), Lindsay Chartier-Holdeman (bass), and Julia Borsari (baritone). Samantha is a member of New England Voices in Harmony. For additional information, please contact ringtonesqtet@gmail.com.

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Ringtones! Quartet


Showcase is an cappella quartet whose members started singing together in March 2007 and just two and a half years later became the 2009 International Championship Quartet of Harmony, Inc. Current Showcase members: Kari-Lynn Knight (baritone); Renée Tramack (bass); Kathleen Macdonald (lead) and Katrine Dickau (tenor) are all members of New England Voices in Harmony. They released their first CD (Birds Gotta Fly) in 2012, which was nominated for two Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA) for Best Barbershop Album and Best Barbershop Song (If I Had My Way).

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Showcase Quartet


2004 International Harmony Queens, and the recipients of the 2007 Image of Harmony Award. Liane Iannuzzo (tenor), Debbie Dodge (baritone), Jeanne Crowell (bass), and Kathleen Macdonald (lead) bring powerful ballads and driving up-tunes to life whenever they sing together. Their recording, You Ain’t Been Blue, is available, as is  additional information by contacting bbshoparmwaver@gmail.com.