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Out On A Limb

Out On A Limb formed during the banquet at our Area 2 Contest in 2018, just by chance. We sang a song or two for some friends, then decided to try performing on the NEVIH quartet showcase in August. Diane Fagerstrom sang tenor, Diane Reynolds sang lead, Cathy DeCoste sang baritone, and Joanne O’Connor sang bass, Rather by accident, Joanne had an arrangement of “You Gotta Have Heart” from her prior quartet experience and we worked on it. That song has a baseball theme, so we decided to go in that direction. But, what else could we sing? Joanne started writing a parody based on “When There’s Love At Home” (Get it? Love AT HOME plate??) and she brought it to the first rehearsal. We loved it, she did such a great job, but then we all started to chip in and tweaked it to perfection. What a blast! We sang on the showcase and had fun, but mostly our rehearsals were just hilarious, laughing from start to finish and some singing too. In the spring of 2019, we took the plunge and registered to compete at our Area 2 Contest with a goal to make people laugh, have fun and not come in last. We accomplished all three. The judges gave us some great feedback which we are implementing and starting on some new music. We plan to improve, laugh and have more fun. Thanks to our biggest fans and coaches, Diane and David Patterson!


True Colors

True Colors is a women’s barbershop quartet with a lively blend of energetic grooves and heartfelt harmonies. Though steeped in the tradition of barbershop harmony, True Colors breathes new life into a variety of musical styles including blues, jazz, show tunes, pop songs, and standards from the Great American Songbook. Formed by four strong women who believe in always being genuine no matter what, True Colors offers artistry and authenticity at every turn. Founded in 2017, the quartet members are: Kate SteerJennifer Selby, Deb Stoll, and Angie Dolber. 


Hailing from Kingston, Milton and Nashua, New Hampshire, as well as Stow, Maine, (respectively), Susan Prescott, Liz LeClair, Debbie Bartol and Kim Dubray are four women who love to sing! Susan, Liz and Kim are members of the award winning a cappella chorus, Sound of the Seacoast, based in Portsmouth, NH, and Debbie is a member of the award winning chorus New England Voices in Harmony based in Nashua, NH. “Kismet” Quartet was formed over six years ago and has competed at our Area and International competitions for several years. We have had the privilege of winning a few awards and entertaining audiences when we perform. We continue creating harmony and lots of laughter every time we get together. 2017 recipient of the Audience Entertainment Award.

High Gear

High Gear is composed of Christina Tramack, Jen Selby, Ariana Schmidt and Deb Green, all Area 2 members who sing with New England Voices in Harmony. Christina and Jen, lead and baritone, were itching to try out new voice parts and were curious to hear how this formation would sound, so they gave it a shot. As for the name, Christina says, “We liked the thought of something that said
‘high quality’ and ‘exciting’. High Gear was the perfect choice!”

Getting together to sing, even before the issues of 2020, has raised challenges for this group of women. Deb lives in Florida during part of the year and Ariana is a Residence Assistant in college. All four are very active with New England Voices in Harmony, leaving little spare time to meet even virtually, but they remain connected, nonetheless.

The blend of their four beautiful voices from these four amazing women will certainly kick any performance into “high gear!”