We learn things at rehearsal each week, as well as from our coaching sessions, but I love discovering inspiration from unexpected sources. This can result in little epiphanies: some concept that we speak of over and over suddenly comes to life!

For example, I recently read a book with a musical theme (I won’t list the title, as I’m annoyed that the publisher would not grant copywrite permission for me to use a quote in this blog!) that had nothing to do with barbershop or a cappella music. But the narrative associated with the classical, jazz, and rock music discussed in this story reflected many of the concepts we know…for example, the story-telling inherent in a performance, the art of silence as a critical element of musicality, and the importance of emotional connection. Recognizing these concepts but viewing them from a different perspective brought them to life for me in unique ways.

Your inspiration might not come from your summer reading; maybe you will experience a different type of musical performance, an amazing view, or a provocative conversation between friends. Opportunities to make connections that enhance our musical performance skills can come from surprising places.  Recognizing these connections can be a gift that deepens our artistry and brings our individual contributions to the ensemble to another level.

Where will you find inspiration this summer?